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I’m Leah Remillét (Rem-i-lay). I am a success strategist for creative entrepreneurs. Curious as to what that means? Simply put, I teach creative business owners how to strategically build strategies and implement systems to accomplish their specific goals and dreams.

When not sitting at my big pink chair, I’m probably in the kitchen cooking while the kids sit at the counter doing homework. I’ll pretend I’m helping them, but really we let daddy do that (at least when it comes to math).

My days are divided between strategy meetings, car pool, business consulting, and cooking up dinner with my kiddos beside me.

I teach women how to be six figure, stay at home, mommy-preneurs. My dream is to show as many talented and determined women as I can that they too, can live the life they’ve imagined!


Accomplishments & Accolades:

  • Featured in the book, Visual Marketing (available at Barnes & Noble & Amazon)
  • Featured on the Cover of Portland Family Magazine
  • Featured twice on the Cover of Vancouver Family Magazine
  • Featured in Photographer’s Social Media Handbook by Design Aglow and Zach Prez
  • Featured in Professional Photographer Magazine
  • Featured in Chic Magazine
  • Featured on The Savvy Photographer, Rock the Shot, Paperie Boutique, Fundy Software, Photography Web Marketing, Chic Critique, National Association of Professional Photographers, Sticky Albums and More
  • Celebrity Photographer & Judge For Chic Critique
  • In less than 18 months, Leah Remillet Photography went from portfolio-building status to averaging client sales of $2,000 and maintaining a 4-6 wk wait list.
  • Featured in Photography Blog Success
  • Have been honored to have mentored and taught professional photographers from every state in the USA as well as in other parts of the world such as Japan, Brazil, Europe, Australia, Canada, Africa, The Middle East. Basically… all over the globe.
  • Most importantly, I won a clam-eating contest when I was seven! (My grandpa would want that one included; he was so proud!)

Bottom Line:

I followed my passion and worked crazy freaking hard to see my dream become my reality.  It’s not that it was easy, because it wasn’t!  It’s just that I believed it could be possible.  I am now on a mission to show you how to find profits, develop your passion and make room for a fabulous life!  I know what is possible, and I completely believe that I can help you do this!

Go4ProPhotos.com and The Thriving Photographer™  are my way of proving it.   I am certainly not void of flaws nor imperfection [just ask my proofer, my hubby (although he might fib for me) or my sisters)!  I make mistakes, but I also work harder, love harder, and believe in my mission more than probably anyone you’ll ever meet.

My philosophy is simple, and it’s defined by my 3 P’s: Purpose, Passion and Profits.  My purpose on this earth is first and foremost, as a wife, mommy and daughter of God.  My passion is as a teacher, entrepreneur and creative.  And I believe whole-heartedly in working less and living way more (and that means profitability).  This life is for thriving!

Wanna work together? The next best step would be a one-on-one success strategy session or joining my business training program, The Thriving Photographer™!

Where will you be in one year? 


Cheers to Your Success,