Welcome! I’m Leah Remillét. That’s pronounced Leah Rem-i-lay. 

My Core Mission:

I want to help you love the life you live. I believe that you have everything inside of you necessary to be a thriving business owner…one who is confident, balanced and profitable! My desire is to show you that.

About Me:

I’m a success strategist for professional photographers. But of course we are all a lot more than our cameras or our businesses. I am a very proud wife of 13 years and the mommy of the three most incredible spirits I’ve ever known. I’m also a daughter, a friend, a sister, a professional photographer, a volunteer, a foodie, a lousy baker and a self-proclaimed ever-optimist! 

Oh…and a farmer. That’s a new one. I’m actually a city girl, but we just bought my dream 20 acre Christmas Tree Farm so lately I’ve been googling, “How to be a farmer.”

My days are divided between strategy meetings, car pool, business consulting and cooking up dinner with my kiddos beside me. I am a six figure, stay at home, mommy-preneur. And my dream is to show as many talented and determined women as I can that they too, can live the life they’ve imagined! 

The Back Story:


In 2008 I got a crazy idea, I wanted to become a professional photographer!  I knew in my heart that I could do this.  I could be a mommy by day, entrepreneur by night, and a professional photographer sprinkled throughout.  

At the time, we were living in Hawaii while my husband finished undergrad at BYU-Hawaii (translation: we had no money).  Our kiddos were 3, 2 and 4 months (translation: I had even less time than we had money).

But – I was going for pro (yup – that’s how this little space got its name) and I believed that I wasn’t the only one…so, in tandem with my photography business, I also started this blog so that I could pass on the amazing things I was learning from others in the industry.  I soon realized that what I lacked in camera skills (and I lacked a lot), I made up for with my business background.

My business grew very quickly once I got the right mindset and set the proper foundation, I’ve been sharing what has worked for me and also what was a total flop (I’ve got plenty of those under my belt too) ever since. 

Chelsea Talent_Thrive RetreatDon’t Do It Alone!

Being a business owner can be really lonely!  Most of us operate our businesses as sole proprietors and often, out of our homes. There is not much real human interaction involved on a day to day basis and even less opportunity to talk, learn and share with fellow colleagues.  Add to that, that many in our industry misunderstand an outreach of friendship as a ploy to steal their hard-earned secrets and it can be lonely. I hated that!

I can remember sitting at our computer in our little cinder block apartment in Laie, Hawaii. Usually it was the middle of the night, when I could finally have the time to explore my passion more.  I would try to make no extra noise and create no extra commotion so I wouldn’t wake up the babies or my husband who had class in the morning. There I would be curled up in the darkness, the only light coming off my computer screen. And then I would find some little tidbit, some gem that would give me a huge “a-ha!” moment and there was no one to share it with. 

This journey is hard enough…being an artist…being a business owner, those are both very big challenges! But we’re combining them, just think about that for a minute! I don’t believe we should do it alone and I believe it hinders our progression when we do. The simple truth is that this journey is a lot more fun surrounded by people who are passionate and committed just like you! 

I love having the opportunity to interact, share, laugh and even cry with fellow photographers through my one-on-one mentoring, teaching live workshops & retreats and my business training program, The Thriving Photographer™.  My purpose is to be that friend and mentor that I so badly wished I’d had. I love that I get to be that someone who will be honest, who will encourage, who will tell you what has worked and how to do it and what didn’t and why to avoid it.  

Today I feel so genuinely and incredibly honored to have had the privilege of helping thousands of photographers the world over find what Thrive is for them.  So roll up your sleeves, and let’s get to work.  I would love to prove just how possible success is for you!  


Accomplishments & Accolades:

  • Featured in the book, Visual Marketing (available at Barnes & Noble & Amazon)
  • Featured on the Cover of Portland Family Magazine
  • Featured twice on the Cover of Vancouver Family Magazine
  • Featured in Photographer’s Social Media Handbook by Design Aglow and Zach Prez
  • Featured in Professional Photographer Magazine
  • Featured in Chic Magazine
  • Featured on The Savvy Photographer, Rock the Shot, Paperie Boutique, Fundy Software, Photography Web Marketing, Chic Critique, National Association of Professional Photographers, Sticky Albums and More
  • Celebrity Photographer & Judge For Chic Critique
  • In less than 18 months, Leah Remillet Photography went from portfolio-building status to averaging client sales of $2,000 and maintaining a 4-6 wk wait list.
  • Featured in Photography Blog Success
  • Have been honored to have mentored and taught professional photographers from every state in the USA as well as in other parts of the world such as Japan, Brazil, Europe, Australia, Canada, Africa, The Middle East. Basically… all over the globe.
  • Most importantly, I won a clam-eating contest when I was seven! (My grandpa would want that one included; he was so proud!)


Bottom Line:

I followed my passion and worked crazy freaking hard to see my dream become my reality.  It’s not that it was easy, because it wasn’t!  It’s just that I believed it could be possible.  I am now on a mission to show you how to find profits, develop your passion and make room for a fabulous life!  I’ve know what is possible, and I completely believe that I can’t help you do this!

Go4ProPhotos.com and The Thriving Photographer™  are my way of proving it.  
I am certainly not void of flaws nor imperfection [just ask my proofer, my hubby (although he might fib for me) or my sisters]!  I make mistakes, but I also work harder, love harder, and believe in my mission more than probably anyone you’ll ever meet.

My philosophy is simple, and it’s defined by my 3 P’s: Purpose, Passion and Profits.  My purpose on this earth is first and foremost, as a wife, mommy and daughter of God.  My passion is as a teacher, entrepreneur and creative.  And I believe whole-heartedly in working less and living way more (and that means profitability).  This life is for thriving!

Wanna work together? The next best step would be a one-on-one success strategy session or joining my business training program, The Thriving Photographer™!

Where will you be in one year? 


Cheers to Your Success,