The Thrivers Retreat Arizona – Family Styled Session

I’m so excited to start sharing our styled sessions from The Thrive Mastermind AZ. Retreat! For this retreat we styled three sessions, a family, 2 seniors and a couple! Today I’m excited to debut our styled family session! 

Our inspiration began with the Arizona desert and Etsy shop; Play Haven’s whimsical Canvas Teepee (exact teepee here)!  The vibe for this whimsical family session only became more fabulous when we selected the D family! They were perfect!!

I love how the tepee adds to the warmth of this session and creates a full embrace of what life of a young family truly encompasses.





Eliza Moyer Photography-4977

One of the things that I love is how much variety came out of this one session. There are so many angles (pun intended – hee hee) that we can take! It is always so inspiring to see how each photographer approaches their subject! 

Hop on over to these Thriving Photographers website’s to see some more photography goodness.

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Behind the scenes_Photography WOrkshop


Fashionista Giveaway

This is a gotta have it giveaway that I’m super excited to be part of! I was invited to team up with 14 Fashionistas with a #Fashionistagiveaway of over $1500 in prizes!



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04808A17-F55E-4846-836A-1471323807F9[3] LOGO-6-2 widget_custom_image_2_1408022465-2

Theit / Laura Kathryn Creative / Seniorologie

RachealJade-2 Peach Days Shoot 115-2 DSCF2142-002-2

Racheal Jade / Lauryncakes / Middle of Somewhere

10459038_10152529076901745_5210838043457604455_o Leah Remillet_2.400Px-2 PROFILE-2 10646814_574633295902245_6751468714156233764_n

Dressing Dallas / Go 4 Pro PHotos / Spanki Mills / Nikki Hepworth

1413305434869 1911816_1389556464649995_1301086155_n image1-300x300

Pink Door Boutique / Tutus and Heels / The Southern Statement

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Attract, Reflect, Become, Mirror

When I was a little girl, life wasn’t very happy. As I got older, the unhappiness wasn’t hidden anymore and I would get pitying looks from friends and adults alike. I would try to joke off that “you poor thing” expression by saying – very matter-of-fact – “It just means my life as a grown up is going to be AMAZING!”  Each time I said those words, I wanted to believe them, but I just didn’t know how it could be true. Today, I have seen in every area of my life this manifestation come true. My life isn’t perfect and I’m certainly not perfect, but it is amazing! 

I put it out there. I declared what I wanted. I didn’t know how it would happen, I wasn’t even sure if I believed it could happen. But there was a seed and I nourished that seed and hoped for a better day. That hope grew and opportunities began to sprout. 

The first came at the most UNLIKELY of times and places. I was 18 years old, walking into the first day at my new job. As I saw all of the other new-hires, most of which were much older than me, I immediately thought I’d maybe “enhanced” my resume too much as I suddenly felt very out of place. But then two guys only a couple years older than me walked in. One smiled at me…I had no idea, but he was going to be the best thing that ever happened to me. One year later, I would know more surely than anything I’d ever known in my life that he was the man I was meant to marry and I did! 

As the years have gone on, there are two things I’ve been constant with… Pushing the limits of what others say is reasonable or possible and being open to receiving blessings. 

These two decisions, above all others, have lead to that “amazing” grownup life I use to claim. 

We all deserve to be happy, to have joy and to feel uplifted and fulfilled, not because of who we are but because of who He is. 

Whatever your faith or beliefs, every spiritual leader from the dawn of time has said it, ‘where your thoughts are, so will you be’. 

I didn’t mean to learn this lesson so early, I didn’t realize the power it would have. I was just trying to stop the looks of pity, but now I know, unequivocally that thoughts have power. 

You are powerful, what will you do with it? 

Monday Motivation from "Attract what you expect. Reflect what you desire. Become what you respect . And Mirror what you admire."
Source:  Brighton The Day

Building a “Team” on an As Needed Basis

Building an as needed team

I started to draft a blog post but couldn’t get any images to upload…tried to hyperlink some text…nothing there either.

My first thought was that there must be some long awaited update needed but WordPress showed things were good to go.  Then I wondered if I’d somehow changed my permissions from Admin…nope, not it either! And that’s when I found myself up a filthy creek with no paddles. 

I literally had NO IDEA what to do from here. I was all out of tricks, except I wasn’t! 

David “my web guy” was the ace up my sleeve! David’s a huge part of my team, but he doesn’t have to show up too often! You know when you see some awesome tool on someone else’s blog and you think, ‘I want that!’. Or when you need to update your theme, but you’re terrified that you may just have the power of imploding your website in one click? Well, that’s when I shoot David an email. 

And so I started writing the email. I explained what happened, what I’d tried and asked him to take it from here… 

Well, guess what happened! Less than an hour later the problem was solved and this email was waiting in my inbox;

Hi Leah –
Turns out the Billboard plugin was masking all the other plugins that needed updates (it had an over-aggressive hide update command somewhere).
Anyway, once it was disabled, a TON of plugins needing updates showed up.
After the update, everything seems to work again.
I’ve disabled the problematic update code for that plugin, so you should get proper update notices going forward.
All the best,
– D
This is about as close to fairy dust – genie in a bottle – magic wand kind of wishing that I’ve experienced! Have a problem, send a magic email and problem is solved thanks to my virtual “team”!
Being the end all for every problem that ever arises in your business is exhausting, especially when you just don’t know how to fix it! But having a team, to most, seems as probable as finding a Fairy Godmother’s wand in your driveway. When we think of teams, we often think that you’ve gotta have all these full time positions available, big bank rolls to pay them and a huge lists of tasks to keep them busy! NOT TRUE!  There are plenty of freelance experts out there who can help you only when you need it with the troublesome areas that you’re – well – not an expert at. 
What areas of your business give you trouble? Web Stuff? Book Keeping? SEO? Data Entry? Blogging? Would it be possible to get some help and how much time would that free up for you to spend doing things that actually make you money? 
Bottom line, I could have spent HOURS, trying to solve the case of the missing upload button. And all the time spent trying to solve this urgent problem would have taken me away from the important things I’d planned to tackle today… And maybe even tomorrow. 

There are great resources out there to build your freelance team.  Start with Facebook and post to find out if anyone knows someone they would recommend for what you need. If nothing turns up, try 

I’ve had some great luck with both…hope you do too! 

Thrive Retreat Swag Bag Giveaway!

Thrive Retreat Swag Bag Giveaway

Have you ever wished you could peak inside the swag bag from a retreat and see what those attendees got? Me too! That’s why I’m not only going to show off the goods BUT I’ve also got one extra swag bag to giveaway!!

The Bag. I was feeling extra crafty this year (must have been spending to much time on Pinterest) and got the idea that I would make the swag bags this year for a personal touch. All in all it was actually a very easy project outside of the first paint mishap and the fact that anything handmade takes longer than ordering online. 😉 I might write a tutorial post on that another day. 

Then comes the really fun part of filling the bags! I love sharing great deals, fun finds and of course, about my favorite companies that help elevate the experience I provide as a photographer. I am so blessed to have the most AMAZING sponsors who encourage and support me! 

Some of these vendors have been with me from the VERY beginning…as in before The Thriving Photographer™ was even a thought yet, because I was just barely learning to thrive myself (thank you Lens Pro to Go!!). 

Thrive Retreat Photography Swag BoxInside the Swag Box

‘This Life is for Thriving’ Tumbler from The Thriving Photographer™
The latest Digital Issue from Chic Magazine
5×7 Frame by The Organic Bloom
Custom Thrive Flash Drive by Photo Flash Drives
Camera Strap by Adi & Tuck on Etsy
The latest Digital Issue from of Mozi Magazine
SD Cardholder from Think Tank
Newborn Tie from Trendy Ties
Sample Swag from Pro Digital Photos

Plus Amazing Discounts and Deals from:

Chic Critique Forum
Laura Kathryn Creative
Lens Pro To Go
Jamie Schultz Designs

PLUS!! Summerano is giving away their entire shop to one fabulous friend. So we have TWO amazing and really fun prizes to send off! 

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The Thrive Retreat à la Instagram

Being a photographer can be really lonely, but in the strangest way. 

We are constantly interacting through blogs, media platforms and participating in forums or whatever else, so while you are inside the industry, for many you still feel really alone. 

At least that was me. In the beginning of my journey I remember wishing I had fellow photographers to talk with, go to lunch with and style up some concept shoot with. I’ll admit to being a not very lovely shade of envy when I’d see photographers that I admired having a fabulous day just playing with another photographer. 

I wanted that! I wanted a real-life photography friend! 

Fast-forward a few years and an idea sparked. I had a feeling I wasn’t alone in that early wish to have more human photography connection. As members of my business training program, The Thriving Photographer™ started sharing their successes and stories through our private Facebook groups, I longed to really meet them. I wanted to hug them when they were down, happy dance with them when they were celebrating a new sales record and just get to know these amazing photographers who had trusted me to help them grow their businesses! ‘The Ultimate Photographer’s Sleepover”…I told my hubby one night. 

I could see how awesome it would be. We could stay in some amazing mansion, get deeper (and real, like you only can when you’re talking face to face) on building a Thrive lifestyle and of course style up some gorgeous shoots for no other reason than to inspire each other! We could stay up late laughing and talking (and possibly even dancing). It was going to be amazing!

The more than 60 women who make up the Thriving Mastermind attendees are my dream come true!

Last week, we had our fourth Thriver’s Mastermind Retreat in Scottsdale, AZ.!! These women were the friends I dreamed of all those years ago. We laughed (#grabbyclown), we cried, we danced, we bonded and we strengthened one another. 

This is an Instagram snapshot from our weekend!

When I look at these images I see that dreams come true. That kindness is still alive and well. That dedicated mom’s become younger when we get to take time for themselves (and jump on beds or bond in giant bathtubs). That the power of united women is amazing and that anything is possible! 

Thrive Retreat Photography Workshop

My Thrive Mastermind Girls…Thank you for such an amazing weekend! Thank you for trusting me with your dreams and for letting me be part of your journey!
And most of all thank you for the amazing memories we now share!