True Love Does Still Exist

I’m not usually one for the mushy online sentiments. But last weekend it hit me. I didn’t believe love exhausted when I was young. Not real, true, enduring love. I really thought it didn’t exist. And just in case you believe that too. Just in case you are afraid that it can’t be found because it doesn’t exist… I want you to know I was wrong. I want you to know I found it. It’s not perfect, it can be messy. Yes, of course we fight and there are moments when he makes me so mad. But… He is why I’m here today.

It is because of him I learned to believe in love.

It is because of him that I learned to believe in myself.

And it is because of him I found my faith.

He has always believed in me. It was him who let me sell our laptop and some furniture so I could start a business. It was him who told me that what I had to share was going to change lives and had to be put out there. It was him who stood behind me while all the light shined and has never once complained. And it is always him who scoops me up and holds me when it all gets to be to much. He makes me better in every sense of the word.

I am who I am because he loves me.

I am where I am because he believes in me.

My life could not be where it is without him. At 18 years old, on our very first date, I knew I wanted to be his wife. And I knew that even though it seemed crazy to everyone else, marrying him would be the best thing I ever did for myself. I was right. I can trace every great thing that has happened in my life to what happened to me because of becoming his wife.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MY LOVE! Every year is better and every adventure with you has made my life more richly blessed. I can’t wait for what comes next!


Photography by the incredible Jerry Ghionis

Girl Boss Book Club – November

leahs_girl boss book_club2

I LOVE learning!  My education, training and best mentors have been found in the pages of books.  There are so many amazing must-read books out there and I’d love to start sharing some of my favorites with you, one month at a time. So what do you say? Do you want to join me? Each month, I’ll unveil our  Girl Boss Book of the Month, (you can see last month’s book here) you can then go pick yours up at the library, through Audible or Amazon and get your inspire on.

In November, I want to share with you the book, Leaders Eat Last by Simon Sinek who is considered one of the business thought leaders of this time.  If you haven’t seen his Ted Talk, it’s a MUST! He shares how leaders need to understand the impact on those they lead.  He discusses the circle of safety and the four chemicals that drive behaviors in the workplace and how it all comes back to the leader.  Great read to motivate and change the way you look at your own leadership skills!

Instagram Book Club


About the Girl Boss Book of the Month: I have read so many amazing books that have truly inspired me, and I want to share them with YOU!  Here’s how it works.  At the end of every month, I will post the book that I will be reading for the next month.   At the end of the month, I will post on Facebook my thoughts on the book.  I hope you will post your thoughts and comments as well.  My goal is to have this be an awesome opportunity to build connections, grow as thoughtful creatives and get inspired to dream and do bigger and better things.

I can’t wait to get started!  Are you in?

An Instagram Glance at October


What a great month! A group of fabulous friends turned running into an amazing weekend.  You might ask, “How is that even possible?”  Well you rent a big house in an adorable Bavarian town and fit 13 friends inside to run a 1/2 marathon together! Yep, that means that I completed my first 1/2 marathon! I never would have imagined that I would be saying that.

October also brought me back to speak at Inspired Retreat for my second time! Before heading off, I brought my girls along for my pre-conference ritual of getting my nails done.

And while is sounds like a lot of go-go-go, I also had a chance to add a few new reads to this year’s list and of course had plenty of fun soaking up all of the Halloween festivities. Taylor and I channeled our inner Star Wars charecters. I wish you could see his full costume. It was amazing! And I have to admit, I really loved being Princess Leah (aka Leia) for a night with my own Obi-Wan Kenobi.

And that’s my Instagram Roundup for October!

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Gold Inspired Office Decor

Guest Blogger:  Laura Platt of bright and beautiful
Today I’ve rounded up a collection of gold office accessories for a chic workspace. If you’re as smitten with all things gold as I am, a few shiny touches are an easy way to dress up a desk.  Whether it’s traditional office supplies like scissorspaper clips, and staplers, or décor items like trays, candles, and lamps, I love the golden look. Surely I’m not the only one!
Which items are your favorite? I’d love to hear how you personalize your workspace! Do you have any favorite stores or sites for office decor and supplies? I can always count on AmazonWest Elm,  The Container Store and Crate + Barrel.



laura-bright-and-beautifulLaura Platt is the girl behind bright and beautiful, a lifestyle blog dedicated to fashion, beauty and home décor. Currently living in Chicago, Laura writes her blog as a fun and creative outlet to share everyday musings – all inspired by her feminine and classic sense of style. She has been featured by Refinery29, The Everygirl, Glitter Guide, West Elm, Yahoo! Shine, and has collaborated with brands like Williams-Sonoma, Lilly Pulitzer and Veuve Clicquot. Aside from the blogging world, Laura’s professional background is in public relations. In her spare time, Laura enjoys exploring the city, spending time outdoors near the water, listening to good music, enjoying a glass of vino, and traveling whenever possible.

Planning for Success with InkWell Press

InkWell Press_Video Cover

I’m looking for needle movers these days. Don’t get me wrong. I’m a huge fan of an answer to everything kind-of approach, and if you know of one, please let me know! But the truth is… No one is an overnight success, businesses don’t happen by luck and living your bliss has everything to do with intention and almost nothing to do with happenstance. So if you want big changes, it all seems to start with lots of little steps.

That’s why I’ve learned to look for needle movers. Small actionable strategies that move the preverbal needle just a little closer in the direction I’m heading. Implement enough of them, and that’s when amazing things happens in your life!

Learning to manage my time, become more productive and truly know where my time is best invested has been a ‘needle-moving’ kind of process. I like you, want things to be faster and better, easier and happier. We are a generation who wants to be it all. Great moms, great wives, great entrepreneurs… We’ve got out eye on great! But great just can’t happen without intention, determination and positive strategies.

Well, today I’m excited to have my friend, Tonya of InkWell Press on this episode of Video Friday to share a few strategies on delegating and automating that help her to be a little more great at all that she does!


As promised, here are some links worth checking out and below you’ll find access to the free schedule creator printable!

InkWell Press Shop
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Leah Remillét on Instagram

And Parents – don’t miss this episode when I interviewed author Merrilee Browne Boyack of The Parenting Breakthrough (hands down the most influential and life changing parenting book I’ve ever read!)

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Extraordinary Love

I read a quote recently from Oscar Wilde (don’t you just love his quotes?!). Any who the quote said, “Never love anyone who treats you like you’re ordinary”. I thought about this quote for a moment and wondered if anyone I loved treated me like I was ordinary and then almost as quickly as that question came, a new question replaced it… And this one got me thinking much deeper and much more inward. Am I treating anyone I love like they’re ordinary?

I have to admit, I don’t know if I like all the ‘what have you done for me lately’ memes. I mean, part of me loves them! I can sing the  girl-power, go-get em mantra with the best of them. But I believe there is sadness in life, a whole that we feel, whenever we allow the majority of our focus on what we’re getting vs. what we are giving.

The happiest, most content people you will ever meet (and that I’ve ever met) are not the ones obsessing over what they will get, who notices them, and how they’re being appreciated. The happiest, most content people I’ve ever known are those who lose themselves in service.

So the next time we read a meme about what we deserve, what if we turn around and do a personal check on if we’re being that type of person ourselves.

Love Extraordinary