MODEL CALL – San Diego, CA.

Model Call for SD

I am so excited to be on the search for our next workshop models! Members of the The Thriving Photographer™ business program have the opportunity to attend a weekend long Mastermind Workshop where we go deeper into life balance, business and our love for photography. We are getting ready to head to San Diego, California, for our FIFTH Mastermind retreat, and we’re casting kids, seniors and 1 couple for our shoot-out days. 

316412_601924709820817_57128041_nTHE DETAILS

Who:  No modeling experience necessary. If you are fun, easy-going and down for a new adventure, we’d love for you to apply. 

– 2 to 4 kiddos (ages 6 to 10)
– 1 Family (kiddos between ages of 5 & 15) 
– 2 happy outgoing teen girls (age 17-20)* 
* Feel free to apply with your best friend! 
– 1 Blissful couple for a love session

  Friday or Saturday, May 15th and 16th. Each model Set will be assigned a day for their shoot.

Where: San Diego, CA. (Around Coronado Island)

$150 for professional hair & makeup. Some wardrobe styling may be necessary too. 


You DO NOT need to be a professional model! We are real photographers who photograph REAL people,  so we are looking for real, fun people who are up for a cool story to tell! This will be easy going and fun for you, and we will make sure you feel at home and at ease! In return for your time, you will receive full resolution digital files from your session! You will get an awesome variety of shots from over a dozen different amazing professional photographers who normally charge a boat load (cause we be thriving!) ;0 

We will help you Style and Prepare for the Session based on our design. You will be asked to pay for professional hair and makeup for Senior girls and women and possibly some clothing, but we will be there to help you through the whole process!


If you are interested just click “apply now” and complete our short form to apply for your spot!
We can’t wait to hear from you! 

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The Kind of Woman I Want To Be

This last week we’ve been at the memorial services for my husband’s grandfather. He was an incredible man who was deeply respected, loved and adored. I remember the first time I met him, he instantly made me feel special and at home and continued to poke at Taylor about how lucky he was to have found me. In the 14 years we were married while he was with us, that never stopped. I loved him for loving and accepting me instantly as one of his own and made a little note to remember that I wanted to be just like him when in-laws make their way into our family someday.

As different members of the family and friends paid tribute to him their was a reoccurring theme of admiration. He had lived a life of integrity and goodness. Brining smiles and warmth into others lives. Any time you attend a funeral, I feel like you can’t help but take reflection on your own life. You measure yourself against the words being spoken and wonder if your life will leave such an impact. 

The beautiful thing is that it doesn’t take fortune or fame to make a difference. It takes love, kindness and service… Those are the true measure of greatness. 


When I think of how I want to be remembered and known… Words like gumption, grace, kindness, gratitude and generosity come to my mind. That is who I want to be…today, tomorrow, and when I’m remembered. I hope I will live up to such words. 

Monday Motivation from "Gumption, Kindness, Grace, Poise, gratitude"

Source: Evelyn Henson

Big Boost Workshop | for Military Spouse Photographers

Big Boost Workshop1

There are so many reasons that I’m excited about my new Big Boost Workshop that it’s hard to know where to start. 

LeahandChelseaI guess it all starts with Chelsea over at CMH Designs. Chelsea is an original Thriver, and even though it’s been years, I can still remember when she reached out to me about The Thriving Photographer™….  “I’m a military wife” she explained, ‘in Hawaii‘… ‘so my clients are either tourists or fellow military families‘… ‘how will I make this work?’ 

It was a legit question, and I’ll be straight… I wasn’t fully sure just yet and that’s exactly what I said.  I told Chelsea it would take some creativity, and that I didn’t exactly know the how, but I was willing to find it with her.  I fully believed we could.  Here’s your first clue about how amazing Chelsea is… she decided to leap! 

Well since that first conversation back in 2012, Chelsea has been teased repeatedly by me that she is my poster-child of Thrive. The girl has killed it! Her sales are some of the highest of all of our Thrivers, her constant wait-list proves she’s creating an amazing experience, and best of all, she’s become a dear friend! 

This friendship started on Facebook through our private Thrive group. Then through one-on-one coaching calls until we eventually met in real life in 2012 when she attended my very first Thrive Mastermind Retreat in Florida. I love this girl (if you can’t tell)!   :) 

She came to me last year and told me that she wanted me to come to Hawaii to help her fellow military spouse photog friends.  There was no way I could say no. Plus it’s military, and I’m so grateful for all they (you) do for me and my family that I was thrilled to have an opportunity to give back.  And ummm, hello, it’s Hawaii! I haven’t been back to Hawaii since I lived there back in 2008. 

I’m so excited to be heading to Hawaii to teach the Big Boost Workshop right after I finish speaking at The Inspired Retreat. This is going to be one crazy and awesome week of travel, inspiration and celebration over what’s possible in our lives!

I guess it all comes down to this… I love showing people the “other” option. The one that says, ‘yes you can!’. I love blowing the roof off of limits and expectations with loads of glittery confetti. And that’s exactly what I plan to do. 

Chelsea Military152_348_Haley
This workshop is specifically designed for military photographers!
 It’s a one day intensive workshop broken down into 2 sections. The first half of the day is about Marketing. I’ll be teaching how to maximize brand awareness and build partnerships.  Then after lunch, we’ll get into the nitty gritty of how to start over when you’re called to move. I’m even going to be sharing my simple steps for building your new clientele before you even arrive on base. 

Our military families already give so much. In addition to all they sacrifice, the fact that these creative entrepreneurs have to start their businesses over again every 4 or so years makes you realize that their sacrifices are felt in ever part of their lives. Starting over is hard! I know. I’ve done it (from Hawaii to Portland then Portland to Seattle), and I get that it can be daunting. But it’s also an opportunity for a fresh start and fresh starts are fun! My objective is to bring the excitement back and give these photographers’ businesses a boost! 

I am so excited for this special opportunity to give back to my military photography friends! If you’re a military spouse and are interested in having me come speak for your base, please send me an email. I have limited openings, but would love to see what we can do. 

Meant to Soar

What Shall I Do With My Life

Monday Motivation from "Things you are passionate about are not random, they are your calling" We look for the conventional to find what we should be doing with our lives but that’s rarely where we will  find it. Our truest answers for what, and how, and why we should be living our lives is found in our own personal and very individual gifts

Now gifts are often confused with talents and while they are similar they are not always the same. 

When I was a kid, I didn’t think I had any talents. I wasn’t good with paints or crayons, I wasn’t particularly good at music although I did love to sing. I wasn’t the smartest or the fastest (or even in the top 100). I wasn’t the biggest (I was actually the smallest until this girl Sarah moved in and then I didn’t even have that going for me), or the funny one or the profound one (despite how much I tried). I thought that I’d been forgotten on the day in Heaven when talents had been handed out and I didn’t understand gifts then. So for years I went on thinking that I had no talents. 

But then I learned that our talents and gifts (especially our very best ones) do not come in the form of such things. Gifts can come in your ability to listen or teach, inspire or deeply see another. To be tender hearted or have the ability to make others feel good about themselves. To have a thirst for knowledge or the ability to put things in their proper order. 

It seems to me that talents are things we must work at. The initial spark that began the quest may be a gift but to truly increase in our talents we must work hard for them. Think piano, sketching, cooking or sewing. Whereas a gift is something uniquely you that you were born with. It is that thing about you that you may not even realize is amazing because it comes so natural for you. 

Let me give you a few examples of people I know who have a natural gift that can lead into a great business… 

My friend Kim has this amazing ability to organize and create processes for the things in her home. She can also see how to make other’s home easier to run. To her it’s so natural and so obvious, at first she couldn’t imagine charging but that is her gift! And by sharing it with the world she has the ability to help others and make their lives better. My life and home have benefited from her incredible ability to organize. Her natural gift makes her an amazing Professional Organizer

I have another friend who is amazing at motivating people to exercise and eat healthier. He can convince a total stranger (hello nice waiter) of people to try work out programs, smoothies and healthy eating. He’s so passionate and gets so fired up and best of all, he shows you how to make healthy living fit into your own busy schedule that you can’t help but get excited when you’re talking with him. His natural gift makes him an amazing Health Coach. 

I have another friend who has an amazing sense of style. She pairs things together and creates outfits in situations where most of us would have no idea what to wear. She sees colors and textures and layers and patterns and she immediately knows what to do with them. Her natural gift makes her an amazing Stylist & Fashion Blogger. 

This list could go on and on… I have a friend who is incredible at cleaning because she sees the littlest details and takes pleasure in the shiniest faucet. And friends who have such a knack for decorating and styling their home. And on it continues… 

So what about you? 

What is your gift?
Are you using it in a capacity that leaves you fulfilled? 

I believe that when we use our gifts for others, we feel the happiest toward life and closest to our true purpose. Isn’t that a great way to live?!

I hope you’ll look closer and start recognizing what your gifts are! If you’d lil to continue the conversation, I’d love it. Share what you think your gifts are in the comments below.

And I want to add one very important caveat. We often think that the greatest thing we can do is show the world what we’re capable of, and while sharing our gifts with the world can be such a blessing to so many lives, I feel deeply that using our gifts for our own family is the greater act of love we can give. You will probably never get an award or a bonus check for the work you render in your home but better than any of that (which is temporary) is knowing that you are impacting generations to come for the better. 

Quote Source:  The Sassy Life