The Most Important Elements of a GREAT About Me Page

I love this topic…but you might hate this topic… 

But like it or not, the about me page is one of the most important pages on your entire website. This is the page they click on when they’re starting to really consider hiring you. This is where they go when they are trying to decide if they like you.

And people don’t buy from those they don’t like. 

In today’s episode, I’m sharing the most important elements I’ve found in all the best about me page!

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How to Stand Out in a Crowded Marketplace

I’ve decided to wait one more week for our next Video Friday episode because there is something you need to watch right now and the replay is only going to be available for a few more days! 

I recently offered a free live training course, about how to stand out to your target client. This training was inspired by a question submitted by Victoria, that I covered in a recent Video Friday episode (but I just wanted to share more). 

The truth is, the odds are stacked against you. In fact we are one of the faster growing industries with a staggering 85% turnover rate… That means that most of you won’t stay in the industry for very long.  Just deciding you’re going to be a photographer isn’t enough, it won’t ensure you succeed, in fact it may be what sinks you. You need more… You need photography skills + business skills + sales skills.  You need to know how to be profitable, how to build a plan and how to follow it. 

To those who are truly passionate and genuinely determined… Don’t give up. Success – on your terms –  is possible!  I’ve not only done it in my own business but I’m also seeing it every single day! 


5 Step plat

From Quitting to Thriving – This is Denise’s Story

My purpose as an entrepreneur is to help women realize that they can be confident and successful business owners – on their terms – with their lifestyle in mind.  

I know how successful we can be, I’ve seen it in the lives of hundreds and hundreds of beautiful women, from home-schooling stay-at-home moms to amazing 20-somethings who are just spreading their wings… I know it’s possible and what I wait for, is for you to be willing to say YES to yourself.  You can’t live the life you’ve imagined until you say YES to it. 

Today I am so honored to share Denise’s story (C’est Chic Photography)!

Can you relate to Denise?  Before THRIVE, she just couldn’t see how to fit all the pieces together.  She’d reached her breaking point and thought she’d have to give up on her dream of owning a photography business, she was about to set her camera down when she decided to try one more thing… 

Learn more about The Thriving Photographer™

In Denise’s words;

“The pieces of the puzzle were there…but they were all jumbled upside down and backwards. I needed someone to help me put the pieces in the right place. So I read, I listened, I researched and found all these great ideas from inspiring people. Everyone had great (but different) ideas on how to put the puzzle together…but the puzzle still never seemed to fit together perfectly or the way I had envisioned it.

Until now…to make a long story short, the puzzle is just a metaphor for how I was feeling. I had invested money before on workshops, speakers, actions, etc. all in the hopes that someday everything would click in to place. It never quite did. Until Thrive! The game changer! The missing piece to my puzzle!

I am armed with more ways to succeed than ever before! This time there actually was rainbows and sunshine. lol I have never felt so sure of myself and my business. I never actually believed that I could really do this for a living before Thrive. I see so much potential for me and my business that I did not see before. I have been a Thriver for less than 1 year and I can already tell that it was the one solid investment I will never regret. I have made my money back and more in such a short time. I was always hoping that someday everything would click…now it has.”

– Denise Belanger

Starting Your Photography Business Over in a New Town

All that work…and now it’s time to move?!?!! 

You’ve worked so hard to get things going where they are and maybe you were even starting to feel like you’s made real headway but now you’re moving and you can’t help but feeling a little overwhelmed at the prospect of starting all over. 

First, I completely  get why you’d be feeling that way!! It takes work to build connections and relationships…and a client data base! But I think, and I hope you’ll feel it too after today’s episode, that there is also an electric buzz around the idea of moving that is exciting, inspiring and liberating. 

No one knows you yet, so you can set yourself, your brand and your business to be a reflection of whatever you want! And that is exciting! 

They don’t know what your old pricing was…. 

They don’t know where your skills use to be…. 

They don’t know that you haven’t always been the confident business owner that you are now (thanks to The Thriving Photographer of course!)… 

The future – whatever future you’d like to create – can begin right now!  <— Click to tweet it out!

So why not create a plan to take them by storm! In today’s episode, I’m outlining how! 

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Luxe in Las Vegas Workshop – Almost Sold Out!

Luxe in Las Vegas Photography Workshop | And it's right before WPPI!! Could go to both!



I am so excited to be teaming up with Leslie Kerrigan (Seniorologie), Kelli France (Chic Critique Forum), Brittany Kluse and Courtney DeLaura (Get Schooled Photo) just before WPPI to bring you the mother of all shootouts. But this is so much more than a shootout!! This is about bringing your photography to the next level… Editing, posing, fusion, models… tons of models. It’s all inside this one-day intensive workshop that we will be hosting in Las Vegas!

We’ve already announced this to our newsletter lists (speaking of, you’re on my newsletter list right??? If not, you can add yourself in by just scrolling to the top of the blog!)

So even thought I’m only announcing Luxe on the blog today, it’s already over 3/4 FULL!

If you want to learn more and come….