Thrive Retreat – Styled Nautical Bridal Session

I am so excited to start off the Thriver’s Retreat {Seattle} – Stylized Session Series (Wow! That’s a mouthful!) with Kari, one of our most beloved Thrivers as the model! 

You remember Kari, right? Back in the day, she was my intern (oh, those were the good ol’ days!!).  But then she went ahead and graduated and became an amazing Thriver.  Speaking of amazing… Do you remember our family Christmas pictures?  She was our photographer last year! 

Anywho… Kari is incredible; she’s one of those people who everyone adores!  Everyone in the private Thrive groups loves Kari, so that made it even more fun when Kari and her awesome hubs, Zach, arrived as our very first models. 

Location: Center for Wooden Boats (Lake Union)
Flowers: Pike Place Market
Styling: The Thrive Girls
Model: Kari Rae & her hubby, Zach
Photographers: Thrivers, Baby! (all listed at the bottom) 






Photogrpahy Workshop by Leah Remillet
center for wooden boats wedding




Featuring:  Amanda Star Photography  |  Laura Kathryn Photography  |  Korindi Photography  |  Michelle Smith Photography  |  Dream Your Memories  |  Idie Atencio Photography   |  Picture This Portrait Studio   |   Leah Remillet Photography  |   Nicole Martin Photography   |   Brooke Roundy Photography   |   Brenda Carpenter Photography  |  Ashtyn Jade Photography  |  Pixie Life Photography   |  Bella La Vita Photography   |  Sarah Sunstrom Photography   |  Angie Miller Photography  |  Meagan Baker Photography   |   Divine Images Photography

Behind the scenes_Photography WOrkshop

Photography workshop in Seattle, WA
Best Photography Workshop

Thrive Workshop, Photography Workshop for advanced photographers

Stay tuned for next week’s!

Chic Retreat, Seattle – Recap

What an amazing group of women, all brought together because we love photography!  

The Chic Retreat was such a fantastic experience… The women (Wow! Such fantastic women!), the location, the inspiration, the swag, the limos, the surprises, the umbrellas and the photo shoots… It was all amazing!  I was so incredibly honored (sometimes people just toss that word out because they think they should, but I was truly and deeply honored!) to be asked to be one of the speakers for the retreat! 

Thank you so much to my fabulous sponsors, The Organic Bloom (the Bloom family came to the retreat which was so much fun – I love them!!), WHCC and The Thriving Photographer. These are amazing business, without which – I couldn’t make my business what it is today! 

Besides Kelli France, I didn’t actually personally know any of the other speakers before The Chic Retreat.  But we bonded instantly!  Isn’t it such an amazing feeling when you meet someone and you just instantly connect?! Now imagine my bliss when I met 6 women for the first time and instantly clicked with all of them!?!!  Jean Smith (who, btw, took the photo of all of us that you see above), Michelle Huesgen (Untamed Heart), Laura Winslow, Heidi Hope, Kara May and Sarah Cornish… There is a reason why you all love these women, and it’s not just for their photography – it’s for who they are, too! Love you all! xoxox 

The day of the shoots was definitely the most nerve-racking for me!  Put me up in front of a thousand of you with a microphone to tell you why and how you can create a great business… No sweat! I live for that!  BUT, put me in front of a few of you with my camera instead of my KeyNote, and I get a lot more nervous! 

Lucky for me, I had the most amazing models! Inna and Erica were so fabulous to work with! They were so much fun and so gorgeous and we just seriously had a blast together! 




Basically… I wanna go back!!!  It was so much fun!  Every part of it was just inspiration overload!  Allowing each of us to push ourselves and dream to new heights! It was a fabulous weekend filled with fabulous people! I love Chic Retreat!

Getting yourself through self-doubt

I sat there in a room filled to capacity, ready to be inspired. I was at WPPI, preparing to listen to a speaker who’s talent was nothing less than awe-inspiring… But  something very different from inspiration took place. No, this was not inspiration – this was sabotage! And I’ll admit I was very taken back by the experience. 

Out of nowhere I was suddenly being torn apart.  I went from walking in and feeling amazing, to sheepishly excusing myself as a deflated ball of defeat. 

The worst part was who did this to me… 

Love the BACKDROP? We do, too! It’s Spangled, from the fabulous Drop it Modern!

HOW DO YOU GET YOURSELF OUT OF A SELF-DOUBT FUNK? Leave a comment and let us know! 

Freebie: Summer Survival Kit for Photographers


I’m super excited for today’s blog post!  My fabulous friend Kelli, over at Chic Critique came up with the awesome idea of having a blog block party… 

What does that mean for you? It mean you “walk” around the bloggy block and sample (a.k.a. get free stuff!) from 17 different blogs! And there is a BIG GIVEAWAY AT THE END. READY?? 

summer surval kit for photographers

I’ve got a Summer Survival Kit for you! Scroll to the bottom to grab it! And don’t forget to grab your BONUS FREEBIE (Workflow Organization Board) on our Facebook Page! 

Complete with: 

  • Summer Scheduler Printable
  • Sunny 16 Rule
  • Summer Solutions for the kiddos
  • Blog Planner Printable
  • How to work with Backlight 
  • Summer Favorites List
  • Summer Bucket List Printable


To receive 17 FREEBIES follow each of the participants links to their blog (and don’t forget to leave a comment saying THANK YOU!)  

To enter the giveaway, follow the rafflecopter link at the bottom of the post and don’t forget to get your FREEBIE from us. 

Happy Sampling on the Freebies & Good luck on the Giveaway!!

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School’s Out… Now What?



Schools out – – the kids are home – – now what???? 

Our go-to reaction (mine included) was in wonder… And it wasn’t that Christmas time wonder either.  It was wondering, how the heck I’d get any work done? 

But then as quickly as that thought came into my mind I felt the brakes screeching in my mind and there was a conversation that played out in my mind, it sounded a little like this… 

You’re worried about what to do with the kids? 

Where you can stick them, what you can do with them? 

You’re worried about how blog posts will be written or time will be found to respond to emails???

Your worried about the wrong things… 

What if instead of worrying about what work needs from you, you got excited over what these little kiddos want from you? 

And all they want is you. 

They love me unconditionally right now… Will I give them reasons to let me deserve that unconditional love? 

Will I choose sidewalk chalk over emails… Sprinklers over blog posts… Or trampolines over editing? 

Will I choose to make the very most of this one summer that I have with them at this stage in their life… This stage, the one when they still love to be with me? 

Or will I worry about how I’m going to get all the work done? 


I’m choosing them! 

Instead of worrying about what to do about my kids,  I’m going to put my energy into what I can do with my kids!

Here’s Where I’ll Start: 

#1: By Friday, I hope to have about 2 months worth of blog posts pre-scheduled! I’ll add to and move them around to get myself to the full summer scheduled throughout. 

#2: I’ll schedule and plan all the fun things we want to do this summer before any work gets scheduled – which will allow me to maintain a healthy, fun and realistic balance. 

#3: I’ll slow down.  Who says we have to always go this fast? I’m going to let summers influence wash over me and I’m going to try  to slow down a bit! 

#4: I will get help!  Of course there will still be some work to do… so I want to have fun activities (dare I say, distractions?) for the kiddos for those times when I do actually need to work.  My goal is to allow for only a minimal amount of TV this summer, so that means summer camps (we’re looking at cooking and art classes) and getting someone who can come over a couple days a week for a few hours just to play. 




We have the rest of our lives for our businesses… We only have a few years with our kiddos.  I don’t ever want to regret how I spent my few years with them


How to know what you’re work is really worth

You would like it if owning your own business was actually synonymous with making a good income.  I mean, isn’t that why  people start businesses in the first place?  To set their own rules, build their own dreams, and make more money?! 

But herein lies the problem:

  You know you’re not charging enough… 

  You know you’re going to need to charge more if you want this to last… 

  What you don’t know is whether or not anyone would ever actually pay the prices you should be charging… 


I think Sarah sums it up perfectly…  “I know how much I want/need to charge, but I struggle and worry if my work is ‘good enough’ for my prices. I am not a famous celebrity photographer and honestly wonder if my work is worth more than shoot and burn photography. Please Help!”


Today’s episode is dedicated to helping you see past what you’re not and on to what you are

If you truly want to know you’re worth it?  Invest in you.  Work and practice and learn – and practice some more – until you can confidently say that you know you can produce stunning imagery every time.  And secretly… I hope you never actually get there… at least not all the way… that way you will always have the fire to keep improving your craft. 

Love the BACKDROP? We do, too! It’s Spangled, from the fabulous Drop it Modern!

The Thriver’s Workshop Rap Video – Started from the Bottom

I started with a dream… It was not to be a rapper.

When I created The Thriving Photographer™, I poured my heart into it.  I created Thrive with the sole purpose of wanting to show other photographers just how successful they really could be.  But I wanted to establish a business model that was different from what I’d seen taught by others.  My business model put the family first – not on the side lines.  I knew Thrive worked, and I had crazy high hopes that photographers would give me the chance to prove it to them…. 

As women from around the globe made the choice to start thriving, we began to get an idea…  You see, we have this private group where we can celebrate each others’ successes and help each other when we need the extra encouragement.  As I got to know these women, as they became my friends, I wondered…  What if I could meet them?  

What if, instead of an avatar image – I could really hug them, laugh with them, “happy dance” for real with them?

That became the dream. 

And in April, we started with the Florida Mastermind Retreat.  It sold out in 2 days.  Photographers from all over came to celebrate, be inspired and Harlem Shake with fellow Thrivers. It was amazing! 


This last weekend ‘Thrive Mastermind’ happened again!  This time we brought the party to Seattle.  And oh, my word… We had so much fun laughing, crying and dancing the night away!  Well, if you call my sweet ‘Dora the Explorer’ moves dancing. (Which we shouldn’t.) 

Thanks to the mad skills of Korindi, I’m excited to show you our rap music video! 

Here it is… The Thrive Girls – Started from the Bottom

“That’s a wrap… No literally, it’s a rap.”