Why so many photography businesses don’t grow

How to get your business growing again
There is a common misconception among photographers when it comes to building UP their business.  They think they are working on the right things, but really they’re only going in circles.  

I see it all the time. It’s so easy to believe statements like:

“If I was just good enough to do this.”

“If I could just afford to buy that lens.”

“If I just got one really well dressed client.”

The truth is those are all great things and they’re worth aiming for but they won’t get your business to the next level. Why? Because your business has a lot less to do with your photography than you may think. 

Just consider this…how many times have you seen an a-maz-ing photographer who no one knows about and how many times have you seen a good-but-not-great photographer because everyone is buzzing over them? Again…the success of your photography business has a lot less to do with your camera than you think. 

Today Bethany asks for Help. She’s been in business for 5 years but she just hasn’t seen much growth in the last two. 

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I’d love to know what part of your business needs a better vision?
You’d be helping me a ton by letting me know how I can help you! 

Let me tell you what you really are…

You are creative.  You are courageous.  You are artistic.  You are intuitive.  You are capable. 

It is not that others are genius, it is that they have genius. Do not for one moment allow yourself to believe that they have some birthright gift and you do not.

We are each blessed with moments of genius, all of us, including you.  You are entitled and deserving of enjoying your own moments of genius, look for them, appreciate them – believe in them. 


Genius is not meant for just one soul to experience, rather it is a gift sent from heaven to inspire and beautify the world.

This beautiful quote was not sourced, if you know who created it, please email us so we can credit them. 

Attracting Higher Paying Clients

When you raise your prices
One of the best feelings as a photography business owner can often be followed by one of the worst feelings in business. 

The best feeling that I’m referring to comes when you get too busy (such an awesome problem to have). You start to realize that you’re working too hard for too little and so you make the decision…you realize that you want more and you deserve more, so you raise your prices. 

Shortly after these exhilarating feelings of possibility comes the worst feeling, the feeling of rejection and since it follows so closely behind exhilaration, the blow is only intensified.

Whenever prices are raised there are two obstacles we must prepare for, you might think the first would be the technical aspect of building back up your business under your new more profitable prices but actually that’s the second. The first step is in laying down the psychological foundation you’re going to need to accept this more advanced success. 

Don’t worry, we’re going to talk about both of these obstacles today! 

The Thriver’s Retreat – Washington, D.C. – SOLD OUT

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I’m on the plan right now, and I can’t wait to meet more amazing Thrivers in D.C. and then get to see The Big Apple (for my very first time)! 

This one is different from my last two retreats this year (Florida & Seattle) because it’s going to be a lot more personal. Normally we offer 20 spots, but do to our spontaneity  (i.e., shorter planning time) we limited it to 8. I’m actually really excited to see what it feels like with such a small group!

Putting on these retreats is a ton of work (especially when you’ve never been to the city).  Monday, as we finished up the final details and worked through some last minute kinks, my fab assistant for this workshop admitted, ‘I don’t know how you do these?’  I explained that all the hiccups and kinks were just part of the process and were bound to happen.  And it was as I hung up the phone after that call with her that I got giddy.  I felt all giddy because I was so excited to meet these women, and I knew that all the stress and planning and work-arounds were worth the opportunity!  

So there you have it. I’m off again for my last Retreat of 2013. These are offered exclusively for members of my business program, The Thriving Photographer™.  

We will be instagraming away, so if you want to see the behind the scenes… Follow the adventure on Instagram!  

The Thriving Photographer Retreats put on by Leah Remillet. The ultimate workshop for photographers!!  - www.thethrivingphotographer.com


How to interview an accountant, know if you need one and the 10 questions you should ask.

Hiring an Accountant
“When should I get a bookkeeper, accountant or C.P.A. for my business?” 

“What’s the difference between them?” 

“How do I decide which one is best for me?” 

“How do I go about hiring a bookkeeper, accountant or C.P.A.?” 

“What questions should I be asking them?”

“Will they laugh at me for being so clueless?”

There are a ton of questions when it comes to the world of taxes and finances and how we need to negotiate those waters. Today’s episode is in response to questions that seem to be popping up on a daily basis. 

But here’s the best part… In today’s video, I’m going to teach you how to get a crash course in Small Business 101 – with a syllabus that’s structured all around your own business! 

If you do this… You won’t believe how much you will learn about how to be successful in your photography business! 

In today’s episode we’re talking about what the differences are between bookkeepers and CPA’s, how to find who’s right for you and the 10 questions you need to ask when you interview them. 

CELEBRATION SALE! (We won 2 Hot One Awards!)

If you’ve been around for any period of time, you know that we NEVER have sales… as in EVER.  I’m prefacing with that because I want you to know that if you’ve been thinking about any of our business-boosting products, this is the time to buy!  And, NO, we will not extend the sale. It’s over when the clock hits midnight on Saturday. 

Okay… Now that you understand just how huge this sale really is, I’d love to tell you WHY we’re actually having one…. 

It’s in celebration of the TWO HOT ONE AWARDS that we were presented!!

I am so excited and honored to have The Product Pricing Guide and Snap Happy – Photography 101 Course Material recognized as some of the best products on the market for professional photographers in 2013. I’m not going to lie: it feels awesome; and I wanted to get to celebrate the awesomeness with you!

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How to Organize Projects (and actually finish them)

Organizing projects
There are so many areas of our business to be worked on… SO MANY!!

We have the important projects’ (i.e., packaging orders, editing sessions and answering emails); then there are the ‘want-to-work-on projects’ (i.e., the new welcome video or the stylized senior shoot idea you’ve been mulling over); and finally we have our, ‘really-should-work-on projects’ (i.e., finishing your new pricing, working on your marketing plan or updating your outdated portfolios). 

Like I said, there are SO MANY areas of our business that we can be working on…


More than likely (and this is a safe assumption, since I know you’re a creative), you probably have tons of half-started projects… many of which haven’t even made any substantial headway in far – too –  long. 

And here’s the HUGE problem with this admission of – well – guilt… 


You already don’t feel like you have enough time… And you’re allowing your time to be offered up to project after project which history says you’re not going to finish.  And that means…. You are wasting precious hours, weeks, and even months of your life on nothing. Ouch! 

When I got that smack of reality, I got mad… And then I decided to find a better (and more fulfilling) way. 

Are you ready to make a change….