It can’t always go right, it won’t always go right. Sometime we feel like we are flying and other times we feel like we are falling. When you feel like you are falling…dive. Dive because you know you want this…dive because it’s better to go all in then to leave any part of you out…dive because you are worth it. 


Saturated! How to Make Room for You.

is starting a photography business a good idea
The photography industry has dramatically changed in the last two decades. Moms with great cameras and a clear understanding of what their consumer counterpart client wants has replaced a predominately male driven industry. The brick and mortar studios of yesterday are fewer and farther between as photographers choose to keep overhead costs low by presenting themselves as on-location photographers. And of course the days of film with photochemical processing have been largely replaced with huge digital memory cards and the latest and greatest Adobe software. 

With all of these changes…some which are good and some which are not, an influx of budding photographers has entered the marketplace. Today, you can hardly find a forum or article that doesn’t touch on the sense of crowdedness which is making many photographers worry that there just isn’t any room left for them. I want to address this concern. I can feel the fear in your words and see the concern written in your posts.

It’s hard. It’s not going to get easier. But, it is possible to find success!   

The bottom line is this…you will need to decide if you will be one who complains about the problem until your light eventually goes out or be one who does what they must do to stand up and stand out. If you’re choosing the latter, I’m going to help you! (I’ll explain how in just a bit!!)

Success is still very possible, I am seeing it every single day.  However, it will become less and less obtainable for those who are trying to just follow along with everybody else. As we continue to grow as an industry (and I don’t believe we’re even close to reaching our tipping point) those who try to mimic and mask will eventually fade away. Yes, they will be replaced with fresher photographers who are also mimicking and masking but that means that for one passionate dreamer they had to see themselves fail.  I’m not okay with that.  Success will be reserved more and more for those who innovate, create and do the excruciatingly hard work of finding their own voice.  

So now that you know it, what are you going to do? 

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Huge Swag Bag Giveaway!

Swag Bag Giveaway2

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One of my favorite places to be is with fellow photographers! I mean it!!  When I get to be surrounded by photographers and we can just talk and share and inspire each other…it brings passion to a whole new level. Over the summer I had the opportunity to teach  3 mastermind workshops for my photography business program, The Thriving Photographer as well as speak for Chic Critiques Forum’s Retreat….I loved every minute of all of it. Over the weekend I was reminiscing about all the amazing photographers I have had the honor to get to know and, well, I wanted to bring some of the fun back so….I’m giving away a  Swag Bag + a Phone Call with me so that one reader and I connect more personally! 


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The Ultimate Swag Bag Giveaway is going to one lucky reader #fingerscrossed <— CLICK TO TWEET

Emulation vs. Innovation (And why we need both!)


Why do so many photographers think it’s their duty to make you feel less than you are for wanting to see how others do their thing???

Are we not visual people by nature?  So wouldn’t it make sense that our best form of learning and absorbing would come from seeing how others do things?  I believe that there is an unbalanced emphasis on finding your own voice (which of course is very important) but not enough on truly learning and understanding the craft of portraiture.

Today I’m sharing my own personal journey from copycat, to emulator to even eventually a little bit of innovation. I can’t wait to hear your thoughts in the comment section below!  

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Join the conversation

1. What’s the #1 thing you wish you could see how another photographer is doing? 

– or  –

2. Is there too much emphasis on finding your own voice but not enough on learning the craft first? 

Getting to know Full Color Photo Lab

full color labFull Color Lab3

I’m excited to introduce you (or just better acquaint you with) Full Color Photo Lab.  I sat down and recently got to know FullColor.com a little better and I gotta say, I love what they stand for! High quality, a great client experience and really listening to their clients wants and needs – that sounds like the making of a great lab to me!  Here’s what they had to say… 

1. Where are you located?

Full Color photo lab is located deep in the heart of Texas, just minutes from downtown Dallas.

2. What are you best at creating?

We are a professional photo lab with over 30 years of experience; we strive to provide innovative, high quality products for our customers and our customer service is by far the best in the industry. We are professional, experienced and friendly!

Full Color Lab1

3.  What is your shipping turn around time and is there anything really great about your shipping process we should know about?

Our turnaround for most orders is 1-2 days. Standard shipping is only $2.50 per order via UPS Ground, which is 1-2 day delivery for most customers. With our ROES Plus ordering system, you can combine many product types into a single order for color consistency and lower shipping costs.


4.  What’s your current favorite product?

We LOVE our Bevel Wraps; nothing is more elegant than a Fine Art canvas showcased in such a unique way.  We now offer free border graphics in a wide range of colors for both the Bevel Wraps and 1½” Gallery Wraps.

Full Color Lab2

5.  What’s something Full Color can do for photographers that they may not realize a lab can do?

Full Color is not just your typical photo lab, we want to know YOU. You’re not just a number or a name to us. We want to understand your business needs and build a relationship with you. We love to see our photographers prosper and grow and with Full Color we help guide you in the right direction, with a large product offering and ideas for helping you with your business.

Full Color Lab5

6.  What is your best tip to help photographers get better results from their lab?

Try your best to get your exposures correct in camera and always use a light meter. Making only minor adjustments in Lightroom or Photoshop will save you tons of processing time.

Full Color Lab4

My Brand New Brand & Website

I am ecstatic (oh how I love having a reason to use that word) to show you all the new loveliness that Laura Kathryn has designed for me.  I have a whole new BRAND & WEBSITE for Leah Remillét Photography. This has been something I’ve been wanting to do for years (y-e-a-r-s, for crying-out-loud) and it’s finally here! 

I’ve always done my own design but this time I really wanted fresh eyes. It had to be someone who could really understand me – someone who would get that beneath the sometimes polished, is a really dorky girl….more than anything I wanted my brand to represent sophistication & spunk

I’d been on the lookout and was even beginning conversations with some big designers when I headed to Seattle to teach my Mastermind Retreat for 20 of my Thriving Photographers. During my retreats, I sit down for a one-on-one with each attendee…I sat down with Laura and she started telling me about her big vision and showing me her work. I was in awe…”Laura!” I said, “These are amazing…YOU are amazing.”  And that was it. I knew I’d just found my designer. 

Laura has exceeded every expectation. Her designs, her work ethic and her ability to hear and see what you really want is truly extraordinary! 

Leah Remillet Photography Branding

5. Get clear on the message you’re trying to communicate through your brand. 
4. Build a vision board and then let it sit for a week and revisit it to see if you still feel the same way. 
3. White is the new black…the more white the more luxurious a brand can feel. 
2. Don’t underestimate your web presence – this is usually your first introduction to a prospect! Make it good! 
1. If you’re not a designer, let someone who is step in so that you know you’re looking your very best! (I highly recommend Laura!)

10 Websites that Help Photographers Look More Professional

This is hard. I mean really freaking hard. I just wanted to put that out there in case you were feeling like the only one. I promise you’re not! 

We’re trying to be everything. We wear every hat. Try to fill every position…and for most, you’re doing it as a one-(wo)man show. It can be enough to make a grown girl want to hide in the closet with a 2-pound box of Chocolate Covered Sea Salt Caramels…you know?! 

But there is hope! Over the years I’ve found some great businesses that have helped me feel less like I’m all on my own! They’ve helped me to come across more professional, get more organized and even be safer! 

Today I’m sharing my personal top 10 favorite websites that help me feel like I have a huge team behind me. 

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Top 10 photography Web-Tools
10. Short Stack Apps & North SocialCustom Facebook Tabs
9. Adobe Creative Cloud (not Suite) – The full Adobe Collection available for a monthly fee
8. Securi Malware Monitoring and Cleanup
7. Jot FormEasy to use form builder (free option)
6. Issuu – Digital Online Magazine Publication (free option)
5. Mad Mimi or Mail Chimp*Email Marketing (FREE for less than 2000 subscribers) *better options
4. Sticky Albums – Custom Apps for Your Clients to Share
3. Animoto Pro – Insanely easy-to-use slideshow creator 
2. ShowitDrag and Drop Website Builder (see mine)
1. BlogStomp – Cuts down blogging time dramatically by building and drafting posts.