How to get stuff done! And 7 Strategies to keep getting stuff done.

how to get more done

You’ve got a new bright idea, so you jump on it like Gru jumped on his “freeze ray.”

And you don’t mess around, either!  When you’ve got an idea, you’re all in… fully enthralled, fully engaged, fully committed. 


Now you’re fully enthralled, fully engaged and fully committed to your new idea… 



And thus, the cycle continues… Leaving a hallway of light bulbs that could rival Time Square – but none of which ever become fully illuminated or become your ‘big picture’ vision.

In today’s episode, we’re talking about how to organize all those light bulbs and build habits that actually get you getting stuff done. Ultimately, it comes down to discipline. It’s not about ignoring the new light bulbs… It’s about capturing the vision of the new light bulb (listen for strategy #2), and then getting back to and completing your current project. 

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Why she’s more successful than you, even though you live in the same town.

Have you ever had your own opinion and then realized it had completely changed because of something else someone else said to you? Maybe about a product or a person or maybe even yourself?

Today’s episode isn’t being shot from our normal studio… Today I’m on vacation in the beautiful mountains of Park City, Utah.

I know I could have just said, “Come back next week.”  But you need to hear this.  It’s important, and it’s about where you’re taking your business. 

Today I’m sharing a story.  It’s about two photographers.  They live in the same town with access to the same clients and are both talented. 

One photographer is making an average sale of $2000, with a booked schedule and the other photographer gave up. 

Here’s what happened… 

I don’t believe in being reasonable about your goals!  I also know that a goal is just a dream written down. 

Teryn has seen her business go from an overwhelming time-suck that wasn’t profitable to a dream business where she is absolutely in control – where she makes the rules, sets the hours and averages  $2000 sales.  Are you ready to join her and hundreds of other photographers from around the world?  

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Thriver’s Retreat – Persnickety Clothing Photo Shoot

This is our final session share from the Seattle edition of The Thriving Photographer‘s Mastermind Retreat.  Check out Sessions One, Two and Three

We’ve been waiting oh, so un-patiently to share this session with you! You see… the fabulous folks over at Persnickety Clothing Co. sent over samples from their adorable Fall Line, which hadn’t been release yet!  So we had to wait for the thumbs-up before the world could see this stylized shoot.  And I know you can understand that this is no small thing for a photographer! To have a session you love and not be allowed to blog it or post it or pin it… Oh, me – oh, my! 😉 

These four beautiful little models are all sisters, and you can see their other 3 sisters in our Tween Session. Isn’t that so awesome?! They are an all around amazing family, and it was so much fun to provide this crazy opportunity to be photographed by 20 incredible photographers from all over the country! (Oh, and Canada! Hi, Meagan!)  🙂 


Featuring:  Amanda Star Photography  |  Laura Kathryn Photography  |  Korindi Photography  |  Michelle Smith Photography  |  Dream Your Memories  |  Idie Atencio Photography   |  Picture This Portrait Studio   |   Leah Remillet Photography  |   Nicole Martin Photography   |   Brooke Roundy Photography   |   Brenda Carpenter Photography  |  Ashtyn Jade Photography  |  Pixie Life Photography   |  Bella La Vita Photography   |  Sarah Sunstrom Photography   |  Angie Miller Photography  |  Meagan Baker Photography  | Angie Miller Photography | Divine Images Photography

Location: The Seattle Arboretum
Clothing: Persnickety (on Facebook)
Styling: Leah Remillét  & The Seattle Thrive Girls



MODEL CALL For Washington, D.C.

Model Call for DC

We are looking for models in the Washington, D.C. area for a Mastermind Retreat –
an exciting event available only for members of The Thriving Photographer™ program.

The models will be needed on Friday, Aug 23rd and/or Saturday Aug 24th.

We have openings for: 

– 2 to 3 teen girls (ages 17 to 21)

– 1 blissful couple for a love session

– 2 to 3 enchanting little girls

Please help us find the perfect models!! If you’re interested or you know someone who might be, please send us a picture and a little personal info.  

There will be pretty specific wardrobe requirements for the styling and concept of each session.  You must have a great attitude and be happy to be in front of the camera.  

 What you will receive: Women will be fully styled by a professional hair & makeup artist.  Each model will be photographed during a custom designed concept session by fabulous professional photographers and will receive a minimum of 30 digital files from the stylized session.   

To apply, please email pictures and a little info about the model applicant to Amanda at Go4Pro Photos!

How Much Marketing Should You be Doing for Your Photography Business

You hear about marketing often enough, but how much of it should you really be doing? 

Today I’m giving you the formula to answer this question for yourself.

And here’s why I’m so excited about it…

First, you’re going to probably realize that you’re not doing anywhere near enough marketing.  But then I hope you’ll feel the sweet release of that pressure… The pressure that you’ve put on yourself to turn every single inquiry into a booking. That’s a 100% conversion rate, and that’s just not a fair expectation to set on yourself. Let me show you what I mean… 

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Tell us how much marketing YOU really need to be doing OR share your best marketing tip!