Business Cards They Won’t Forget

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It’s the moment you’ve waited for… {drum roll, please}  They ask for your business card! 

Now what are you going to hand over?  Will it accurately portray your talent and the quality and experience that you provide? 

Here are some very creative and inspiring business card ideas that ensure that these businesses won’t be forgotten!  Pay attention to how they make you feel.  How curious you are to know more…

Does your business card do that? 

die cut business card in sleeve from shop around


MindWarp Business Cardsdie cut, foil stamped business card for MindWarp


transparent business cardstransparent business card from Creattica


Mary Oh Identity 05die cut card by branding identity design

letterpress business card with printed edge by Elegante Press

 Business Cards of WoodWood die cut business card. Seen on Elitesidesign

Letterpress Business Cards of Jason McGrew

2 color letterpress round coaster business card w/ red edge printcreated by Print&Grainround letter press card by print and grain


Acrylic black business cardsacrylic black business card from Creattica

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