They’ve just asked you that question… “How much do you charge?”‘  


If you are ready to get confident in your pricing… To know exactly what you charge, why you charge it, and how you’re going to get clients to pay it… Then you are going to LOVE Go4 Profit! 

Go4 Profit is a live web event where we get ultra specific on pricing and sales!  
My goal is to have you walk away confident and excited about your new pricing and sales approach and ready to implement and see results with your very next client!

I am going to walk you through, step by step, exactly how to: 

1) Determine your pricing

2) Confirm it’s the right pricing for you

3) Structure your collections for exactly what your clients secretly want

4) Offer in-person sales and never have to feel salesy (ever!)

I’ll even bring you inside my ordering appointment so you can hear how I flow through the appointment and exactly what I say! 

Go4 Profit is designed to give you everything you need (the knowledge, the scripts and the confidence) to increase your sales and more than pay for this web event with your next session! 

Go4 Profit is a 2.5 hour live web event.  We will talk through the fundamentals of pricing, break down how to build collections that sell, and then I’ll bring you into my own virtual sales room and show you exactly how I create a high-end experience for my clients and average a $2,000 sale… and I’ve done it all with no studio space

It was better than I ever expected – You really do think of everything!! Brilliant! Brilliant! Brilliant! Thank you!! -Karynn Jorgensen 

You always do your magic of getting me to go from burnt out, pretty overwhelmed, trying to figure it out, yet passionate photographer, to super stoked, now-I-know-where-to-channel-that-energy, I-know-I-can-do-this, happy person. Couldn’t be happier enough that I found ya. Thank you -Yana K. 

Awesome! I am so excited and inspired! – Mary Beth Westgarth 

Thanks so much for the webinar! It was great! So was the quality of the sound and image… I could follow everything from Brazil!! -Paula Dietz Reuber 

Leah, thank you so much for sharing your techniques. My mind was still spinning this morning when I woke up! I can’t wait to implement everything I learned. -Michele Monet 

Thank you so much. You have given me so many brilliant ideas and things to work from – Jason Roomimans 

This was AWESOME! Thank you so much Leah! -Lori Mercer 

This has been really helpful!! THANKS SO MUCH! -Erin Taulman 

Wow! The knowledge, but more importantly, the inspiration from your web event was priceless! Thank you so much for sharing sooooo much useful information. -Mary Beth Westgarth 

Thanks. Lots of great, useful info! – Amy Long 

So wonderful!!! Thank you so so so much!!! -Jamie Pogue 

Thanks! You are wonderful!!!! Great work tonight.. Loved it all! -Courtney Loft 

Just wanted to shout out…you did great tonight. learned so much and will be setting up a business call really soon! -Stacey Dennim 

You’re still my hero!!! GREAT event , back to bed I go! -Amanda Gentry (Australia) 

Thanks for the awesome event tonight! -Marcie Crabb Jessee 

Le-Ah-Mazing you did it again!!!!!! Out did yourself at the web event. Soooooo many useful tips !!!!!! –Ribbonz Curlz 

Loved the web event! Lots of great information that you openly shared! Thanks again. -Marci 

Thank You Le-Ah-Mazing!!!!!!!!!!!!! -Kymberly Boswell 

THANK YOU!! Such a worthwhile 2.5 hrs!! – Krysta G.

Leah, thanks for the awesome webinar! It was more than I expected, and I can’t wait to implement some of your techniques. Thank you for being so open with your experiences and business information!! It was just what I needed! -Christine Long 

Leah, your webinar was AMAZING. Packed full of insider tips, and absolutely worth every penny. You are so encouraging and inspiring. THANK YOU for everything you do!!! -Kerry Adams 

Live Web Event with Q&A + BONUS 1: GO4 Profit Tool Kit Download + BONUS 2: Sales Scripts!