Our 20 Winners of the Camera Strap Contest Are…

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Thank you to everyone who participated in the camera strap giveaway! It was so exciting to have so many participating and a HUGE thank you to MagPie Accessories for so generously offering to giveaway TWENTY fabulous Lether Camera Straps! Congratulations to the following:  

#1,505 Katelyn Hoekstra

#777 Valerie Miller

#143 Maryrose Brame

#464 Nancy Bradbury Hawkins

#939 Richelle Williams Wetzel

#229 Debbie Herring

#1,308 Bernice

#24 Fiona Voet


#1,331 Marcy


#524 Brittany James

#426 Nicole and Marcus Asay

#308 Angie Turner

#236 Kymberly Boswell 

#1,615 Sierra Storm Thomas

#281 Dania Isabel Echevarria 

#970 Jenny

#1,327 Erin Wheeler

#651 Sarah Newton Wilkey

#172 Amy Call Monroy 

#1,570 Brooke Roundy

  Don’t forget we also have the February Monthly Giveaway Going on… Take a moment for your chance to win!   
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  1. Erin Wheeler says:

    Yaaayyy!! Thank you! I already picked mine out! :) (I contacted them through Etsy. Is that the best way?)


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