Love Letters

I wanted to tell you, in all sincerity, that you have truly changed my life. I have been following your blog for some time now, and I just really believe that God brought you into my life to help transform my thinking from super pessimistic to optimism in so much more than just photography.

You are one of those rare people that just makes others want to BE a better, happier person. So thank you for being an encourager and a cheerleader to the “little guy”! You are currently my HERO. Just thought you should know!

Helen Siemens | Lyna Siemens Photography | London, Ontario
If you are a photographer, you must check out the Go{4}Pro blog where Leah shares all kinds of tips and tricks for FREE!

Amy Wenzel | Amy Wenzel Photography | Grand Rapids, MI.
I’ve been an avid follower of Go 4 Pro for 3+ years now and I want to tell you how much I love what you are offering to fellow photographers. I enjoy your inspiring posts on dream-building and also the honest struggles you’ve faced along the way. I am a mama to one, still working a full-time job while building this business on the side. I now know what HARD work it is. Early days, late nights, and trying to balance being a mom + biz owner (OMG the guilt some days). I know that you’ve been there too and I just wanted to say thank you for being so open and honest about your own journey. The wealth of information you are willing to share is invaluable. Thank you again!

Beryl Young | Beryl Ayn Photography |  Gainesville, VA.
I just wanted to thank you. I woke up today having made up my mind to do the big Q word – quit. I’m not making a dime off of the photography I work SO HARD to create. I’ve reworked my pricing so that I actually get a profit (gasp!); thanks largely to a post you wrote that helped me develop a better price list. However, I will probably lose most (if not all) of my current clients. But after reading your post about persistence, I’ve decided to stick it out a little longer… So, thank you. I really needed that today!

Rachel McHardy | Rachel McHardy Photography | San Antonio, TX.
For once I don’t feel as if ONE photographer is selling STUFF just to make money off other photogs. I feel like you really care, and that you are my friend and I haven’t even met you. Also thanks for all of your encouragement! Sometimes I feel like every other photographer is better than me, and I have to remember we all have different strengths. Thanks again!

Ashley Bullock | Marie Kane Photography | Raleigh, NC
Leah!  You mean so much to all of us; I know I always enjoy you’re posts, emails, and benefit from your experience and knowledge.  You’re such a wonderful point of reference and inspiration for me and my business.  Thank you for always taking time out of your day to answer my emails and making me feel like my questions are important to you!  Thank you!  

Melissa Wilson | Melissa Wilson Photography | Ferry Pass, FL. 
Thank you for all the great tips, Leah!   So appreciate you sharing your knowledge ~ you are so generous and gracious!!

Tangie Sheets | Life Reflections by Tangie | Downers Grove, IL.
First of all I want to THANK YOU, for being genuine, for being REAL, for being an amazing photographer and mentor.  You inspire, direct, encourage and lead others.  Although we don’t know one another, I feel like each email or post is meant specifically for me! You are an incredible teacher, your business savvy is insane, your ability to be approachable yet firm is amazing! Thank you for your generosity and help thus far and for all that you have done and continue to do for the world of photographers, because of you lives are being changed!

Amanda Holt | Oliver Twist Photography | Brunswick, GA
You have helped me make my business awesome (for years) in so many ways – I wouldn’t be THRIVING without you!

Stephanie Stremler | Stephanie Stremler Photography | Lynden, WA.
I LOVE your websites, your photography, and Go4Pro.  I have a “stack” of edits on my desktop that I NEED to be working on; however, I can NOT stay away from Go4Pro.  I love all the great info that I have been soaking up from there. You are amazing!

Becky Yoder | Four Daughter Photography | Bend, OR.
Thank you for all you do sharing and contributing to our industry!

Ginny Daniels | GB Daniels Portraits | Ft. Benning, GA